Monday, September 9, 2013

Offer accepted!

We have just finalized an offer on our plot to build our home on! So surreal and so exciting! I know it's going to be a long process and no doubt a bit confusing so I thought I would start this blog to track the progress of the purchase and build and all the million and one other things along the way we are going to have to do!
We have just told Sadie we have bought her a new garden and she looked so happy and excited! Gorgeous and so blissfully unaware of how long it will be until she gets to play in it. She has already given us a list of what she wants in the garden....chickens, pets, cubby house, trampoline etc! 

So now into solicitors, bush fire reports (scary!) and tenders to figure out what house we are going to build! Getting closer to the colour consultation.....W-hoo!

Here is the plot if you want a sneaky peak!

Bubbly is in the fridge but might have to wait until Darren gets over the pneumonia! Agh!